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The Joyous Ones.

We don’t know where they came from to be honest. Well, at least I don’t. They just started showing up one day and the world has been different ever since. There were strangers arguing in the streets over nothing, there was far too many poor and hungry children, there were wars raging on every border, and families torn apart over whatever the husband and wife could think of to blame on the other… I don’t know what to call it now, but it’s not like that anymore. Then out of seemingly nowhere, these people just started popping up and they were happy as can be, almost as if they were oblivious to the chaos around them. Saying “Good Morning!” and “Hey buddy, how you doing?” to everyone they came across in their path. Most of them were met with a “Piss off!” or some disgusted glare, but that didn’t ruin their mood. Not at all. At first, they were upbeat and somewhat overzealous with their happiness. Always trying to show people something to cheer them up. People hardly went with them. But those who did came back different than when they left. They started running up to anyone they saw in the streets, knocking on doors, even just outright walking up to cars at stoplights, telling people “I need to show you something amazing right now!” They never talked about what or where it was though. They always wanted you to see it for yourself. It was definitely strange, but it was nice to see people happy and full of joy for once. That was until it got out of hand. See, every group of people that went to see the “amazing thing” always came back more insistent than the last group. They started pulling people along with them, dragging them out of their homes, their cars, and while these people screamed for help, they were just laughing about it. Saying “Oh don’t be shy, just come with me, you’ll love it!” These incidents got to the point where it was almost a full scale riot in every city across the whole country. The police couldn’t stop it, there were too many “Joyous Ones”. That’s what the news started calling them. “An epidemic of aggressive happiness spreading across the nation, but too aggressive to be sustained,” one of the reporters stated. I’m gonna be honest… I’m scared of them. And I have every reason to be scared. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard banging on my doors, my windows, had them trying to unlock my car doors while I’m on my way to work, there are thousands of them in my home town alone. I don’t sleep anymore. They don’t seem to either. They don’t don’t seem to do anything. They don’t eat or drink or… or do anything at all, other than try to take you with them. They don’t seem to feel pain anymore either. I saw someone just sucker punch one of them square in the face and she just laughed like it was nothing. He flat out punched her as hard as he could and she just went right back to trying to pull him away. They’re all suffering from malnutrition due to their lack of food and sleep. They look like ghouls from a little kids nightmare that just walk around in the streets, laughing and prying you away. It’s absolutely horrifying. I’m starting to question if they’re even people anymore. They’re like husks scurrying around with a disgusting grin stuck on their face. It’s been three weeks since the Joyous Ones were first seen. I’m hiding in my attic right now because I heard the window on my kitchen door shatter last night. I ran up here as fast as I could when I heard the knob start to wiggle from the inside. But they heard me. They’re in my house and they know I’m up here, but the door is locked and barricaded with everything I could find up here. The banging never stops. It’s been 16 hours I’ve been up here, and in panic I didn’t get any food or water. I fear for my life. I’m looking out of the small window in the attic, watching everyone get dragged out of their homes or doing the same as me. It sounds like a war outside because people refuse to go with them. The shooting, the screaming… it hasn’t stopped since they started attacking people in their homes. The banging turned to knocking a few minutes ago. They’re pleading with me. Telling me “It’s not bad. I promise. Please, just come with us. We just want to make you happy…”

I don’t know what to do anymore. I have no food, no water, no way to defend myself. I’m scared. I don’t want to die.

I think… I think I might open the door. It can’t be that bad, right? It’s gotta be better than dying of dehydration up here. Yeah. Yeah, okay. I’m gonna go with them. I’m gonna open the door. If I’m still in my right mind after this, I’ll update this letter…

You won’t believe what I just saw. It… it was amazing! This is the best I’ve felt in my whole life! The Joy, the insistence, it all makes sense now. I can’t put it into words, but it’s just so wonderful. You have to see for yourself. I want to share this feeling with everyone. I need to. I need to show everyone right now.

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