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Amelia arrives home

“Amelia will arrive home in FIFTEEN minutes. “

“Leave me alone, I just need a nap!” I turn over on my bed, it seems like that the tiredness will never leave me alone. “Notify me again ten minutes later, Elesitant.”

Things are always kept in order since I bought Eles, the smartest artificial intelligence in world. Every time I make a schedule, Eles will always notify me when the time is coming. I freaking love the new tech.

“Amelia will arrive home in EIGHT minutes, please tidy yourself up and get ready. “

Why does time always slip so fast when you are sleeping? 39K dollars spent on the modern tech, still this poor guy doesn’t deserve a sound nap? I might as well get cleaned and dressed for my girl.

Teeth… brushed. Beard… shaved. Face… cleaned. It’s all done.

“Eles, play some jazz, and light me a cigarette, ” I ordered. Something like a cigarette works well when I need to clam myself down.

The cigarette worked. I feel some kind of peace inside.

Standing in front of the mirror, staring at my reflection. Sometimes I do wonder if everything around me is real or not. I live by the “sea” behind my window, which is just the wallpaper I bought from Eles online store. The man-made waves sound relaxing, as there’s no such thing as a single wave around my house.

“I’m home, dad!” The door closes along with a swift voice.

I walk downstairs to see my girl and ask Eles to serve the table. 3 seconds later, the food was served with raw steaks.

With her right hand spinning the fork, she stares at the ceiling, speechless. I know she must have something to say when she looks like that.

“How was school?” I asked.

“Not bad, just getting sick of those mean girls. Always judging and making fun of me, ” she complained, “Dad, am I different from others? Why are they so mean to me?”

“They are just being jealous, love. They feel powerless because you are better than them, so they want you to feel as crap as they are.”

Amelia stops spinning the fork, put it down on the plate, and asks me with sparkles in her eyes: “Really, dad?”

“For sure. Now go to sleep and everything will be fine tomorrow, daddy will be here for you as always.”

She nods and enters her room, she didn’t even take one bite at the steak. Now, I just need to make sure her situation gets better the next day.

I walk upstairs, make sure the door is locked, and call Eles out.

“Eles, reboot Amelia, I need a PERFECT kid now.”

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