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What Happened to Mom?

I wake up suddenly, confused. Where am I? What’s going on? The room around me is different.

A hospital? My husband sits in a chair looking concerned. A doctor comes in and shakes his hand.

“I’m sorry sir, there’s nothing we can do. It appears to be a coma. Are you sure you don’t know what she took?”

“No.” he replies, tears quietly slipping down his cheeks. “She was like this when I got home.”

“What? ” I think, panicking. “No, no, no!” I have to get up, but I can’t get my body to move. What’s happening to me?

“Your children are here, sir. ” a nurse slips into the room and remarks to my husband. As the doctor leaves with her, my kids come in. My teenage daughter walks in nervously, carrying her little brother on her hip. My kindergartener, in messy blond hair and two barettes, trails in after her.

“Dad?” Josie asks, voice wavering. “What happened to Mom?”

“She tried to commit suicide.” he says, his voice sounding far away somehow.

Josie shifts Ben’s weight on her hip, wincing as he accidentally grabs her opposite arm in the process. She looks at me, shocked and hurt. Her brown eyes have a hollow, empty look to them.

Betsy silently makes her way next to my bed. Her pudgy little hand pushes her hair back, exposing the bruises on her small neck. “Mommy? Wake up!” she urges, touching my arm above the weeks-old cast. “Wake up! Wake up!” she repeats, her volume increasing.

“Betsy!” my husband barks out, causing both girls to jump. “What did I tell you about being loud?” His hand curls into a fist. “Now I don’t know why your mother decided to leave you kids. But I don’t want to hear any sniveling about it.” he hisses. “Now say goodbye.”

Betsy stares, silently. She seems unable to say a word. Josie leans down close to me, as if to kiss my cheek.

“How could you, Mom? How could you leave us with him? I’ll never forgive you for this.”

“I didn’t, baby. I didn’t leave you. ” I say, but my mouth won’t open and no sound comes out. “I didn’t leave you!” I try again, but the room is silent as my husband follows the children out of the room. He stifles a smirk as he makes his way out.

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