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2018 Halloween Contest Winners!

Halloween has once again come and gone. There’s good news though. There’s only 364 days until Halloween!

Here are you winners!

Congratulations to /u/7765827365 for their winning story:


As stated, /u/7765827365 will be rewarded with the following prizes:

  • $5 Amazon Digital Gift Card (Donated by yours truly and Commander-in-Creep, /u/Human_Gravy)

  • Customized SSS flair – We shall come up with something totally rad for you…again.

  • Their story narrated on the SSS YouTube Channel.

  • Free eBook copy of Horror d’Oeuvres – Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, the 1st ShortScaryStories Charity book project which has raised close to $1000 for Scares That Care, an approved 501(c)(3) that fights the REAL MONSTERS of childhood illness, burns and breast cancer by helping families that are experiencing these extraordinary hardships cope with the financial burden.

  • A picture of an adorable baby animal in a Halloween costume.

Here are the results of the Contest:

Story Title Author Placement Per Upvotes
Depression /u/7765827365 1st Place
You Forgot the Blood /u/guyawks 2nd Place
The Party /u/Y-Bob 3rd Place
Trick or Treat /u/discombabulated 4th Place
The Mask Maker /u/MinisterofOwls 5th Place

Congrats to all the runner-ups too! I would also like to thank everyone else who participated in the contest. Without your participation, this subreddit wouldn’t be as awesome and wonderful.

With Halloween finished, the next contest to look forward to is the Thanksgiving Contest later this month. Looking further out, we’re going to be doing the Christmas/Holiday Contest in December and eventually, there’e going to be a 250,000 Subscribers Contest too. If this doesn’t happen, our next contest is Valentine’s Day.

But for now, lets return to our unprompted and unthemed stories!

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