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2018 Thanksgiving Contest!

Wait a hot moment! Do you head that sound? It’s as if millions of voices suddenly garbled in terror, and were suddenly beheaded, plucked, and stuffed into an oven. I fear something yummy is on the horizon…

Do you smell that?

Once again, it’s time for the annual Thanksgiving competition!

For a single day with family and friends, thousands will brave the perils of airport security and bumper-to-bumper traffic. To think, you’ve spent the whole year avoiding these people in the first place!

Once more, Macy’s will fill up hot air balloons in the shape of beloved characters and parade them down the streets of New York and millions will watch this on television as if it is actually interesting. What the fuck? It’s so boring!

And who could forget the greatest Thanksgiving tradition? Awkwardly sitting around the dinner table trying to get super drunk and avoid the topics of politics, religion, and social issues. Of course, your drunk ass uncle make his position on these three subjects known right away. But bless his soul, it’s the only time of the year you see him and he’ll be passed out in front of the television in a few minutes anyway. Did you happen to catch last years football game? I couldn’t believe it when then twelve armed tentacle monster ate Tom Brady and pooped out a clone just as a good as the original!

And then, of course, let’s not forget the greatest shopping holiday of the year! Black Friday! Don’t like your family? Fuck’em! Camp outside Best Buy for three days in sub-zero temperatures. Bathrooms? Who needs bathrooms when you can get a specially designed lower quality television for sale? Mobs, riots, battles to the death in the aisles of Walmart for the hottest toys on the market! I heard those Good Guy dolls were making a comeback.

Let’s indulge ourselves in a feast of bite-sized Thanksgiving themed horror stories revolving around the tastiest genocide!


  • Stories must be Thanksgiving themed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search [Thanksgiving 2017] or [Thanksgiving 2016]

  • Contest entries must be tagged with [Thanksgiving 2018]. No tag. No qualify. Please ensure your tags are as seen, with capitalization of the “T” in Thanksgiving, and the full tag. No abbreviations. Yes, this seems rather anal and restrictive, but aside from my typical madness, there is a reason for this. Reddit’s search feature is rather “specific” on search results. For example, during our /r/SleepSpell competition, the winning story wasn’t available in the search results because it wasn’t tagged exactly as the search I listed. So please, please, please, use the tag exactly as it is listed. For example, if my story is called “The Undead Turkey Ate My Family”, it should say “The Undead Turkey Ate My Family [Thanksgiving 2018]”

  • All entries must adhere to the subreddit rules. Entries not meeting the guidelines will be disqualified and removed. There is no re-submission on these.

  • Multiple entries are allowed. Just remember the 24 Hour Rule applies.

  • Previous contest winners and author of the month winners are allowed to participate and may select which flair to continue with should they win the contest. Or we can work it out. I’m open to suggestions!

  • Top 5 Upvoted Stories are the winners. If there are any ties or if Reddit’s vote fudging makes determining a placement too difficult, authors will split the placement and the next highest upvoted story will take the next placement until we have a winner’s circle.

  • If a single author claims multiple Top 5 placements, the next highest upvoted story will be added into the winners circle among authors. We don’t want to punish good writers for placing multiple times but we also don’t want to have an entire winners circle made up of the same person or people. Some contests in the past have had up to 7+ authors included in the winners circle due ties and multiple placements.

Top Winner Prizes:

  • $5 Amazon Digital Gift Card (Donated by yours truly and Commander-in-Creep, /u/Human_Gravy)

  • Customized SSS flair – We shall come up with something totally rad for you.

  • Their story narrated on the SSS YouTube Channel.

  • Free eBook copy of Horror d’Oeuvres – Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, the 1st ShortScaryStories Charity book project which has raised over $825 for Scares That Care, an approved 501(c)(3) that fights the REAL MONSTERS of childhood illness, burns and breast cancer by helping families that are experiencing these extraordinary hardships cope with the financial burden.

  • A picture of an adorable baby animal in a Thanksgiving costume.

As for the beginning of the contest, it starts as soon as you finish reading.

Contest Ends on November 22nd at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Good luck everyone!!!

Questions? Comments? Gravy Jokes? Leave’em below!

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