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Diary of a young girl

Dear diary, today is October 12th, and today was Friday but mommy let me stay home from school cuz she said we were going to have a mommy daughter day together. We got up early and had breakfast and said goodbye to daddy who was leaving on a trip for his work for the whole weekend, I’m going to miss him all weekend too.

After daddy left and mommy and I got all dressed up, we were going to go see a movie. Mommy drove and even let me pick what music we listened to before we got to the movie. Then while we were watching the movie Uncle John came to see us there. He sat beside mommy and hugged her real tight even whispered in her ear. I don’t know why, maybe because it was a kids movie for me but mommy did not seem to like the movie, she didn’t laugh at all.

After the movie Uncle John said he was going to come with me and mommy because he didn’t have a car. I thought that would be fun, cuz I’d never met Uncle John before, and I wanted to know him he seemed nice. We went shopping next and I didn’t like the store at all there was no toys or anything, just camping stuff and tools and and shovels and rope, I didnt know what we were going to do until uncle John said me and mommy and him were going to go camping together, and that did sound fun, wish I’d known uncle John before now. I don’t know what was wrong with mommy she was being very quiet the whole time.

We went back to our house before camping though, so I knew I was going to grab a few dolls and other things so I wouldn’t get bored. I went straight to my room like mommy said to get ready, and I heard alot of noise downstairs but I figured mommy and uncle John were just playing, so I kept getting my bag ready. After a little while I went looking for mommy, but I found uncle John first, and he told me mommy wasn’t feeling good right now and she wanted me to go have fun with uncle John anyway and to have fun.

I wanted to say bye to mommy but uncle John said she was already sleeping and said she didnt want to be woke up and I know how mommy is so that was ok. Now I’m in the front seat of mommy’s car with Uncle John! I never get to ride up front, mommy never let’s me so Uncle John is so fun. We have been driving for a very long time now, uncle John said we are almost there though I’m so excited, I wonder what kind of stuff we will do, the only part is I’m gonna miss mommy for the weekend but I’ll only be gone for the night.

I have to go now diary, Uncle John said we are here at his cabin in the woods it looks amazing and I’m so excited to see the inside. I don’t know what games we are going to play but Uncle John already said I could stay up as long as I wanted I never get to do that even on weekends. Can’t wait to write all about the cabin and my fun with Uncle John tomorrow on the ride back home to mommy, and I sure hope shes feeling better, ok bye diary!

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