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The helper.

The baby had been around now for a couple of months. In spite of Mommy and Daddy and their private worries, Josh found himself ready and willing to take on the mantle of Big Brother. He felt genuine affection for the small bundle of novel noises and scents and spent a lot of his time playing with her, giggling in delight whenever she would react with a smile or her typical wordless, happy babble.

Really, the only problem as Josh could see it was that the baby took a lot of time to care for and Mommy and Daddy found themselves tired and exhausted a lot of the time. Josh could understand that; the baby was loud and sometimes cried a lot for no good reason and this always prompted a reaction.

The baby was fun and really neat, but boy did it ever sometimes smell bad. One of the surest was the baby got Mom’s attention was to produce a combination of powerful poop smells and a shriek to match. When such a shriek issued forth from the tall bassinet, Josh decided he was going to fix the problem himself.

There was a baby bath made of plastic and Josh tugged it into the kitchen, where the baby got cleaned all the time. Then, he set his little sister down on the floor mat. Her cries ceased once Josh picked her up. He had seen diapers be changed and he got this one off. So gross! Something the color of dark mud stuck to the absorbent pad. He tossed it in the trash, holding it by the tips of his fingers. Then, he used the baby wipes. This did not work too well, and it seemed to Josh that wipes alone would not solve the problem, after leaving greenish smears around her little bottom. He could not reach the sink, either. And where was the stuff they used? It still was really stinky.

He pulled open the cabinet under the sink. After deliberating among the options, he decided that the bottle with the blue label seemed to do the trick. It smelled really funny but it looked like water. He emptied most of it into the tub and went over to retrieve Tess. Mom was going to be so proud of him for helping with the baby.

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