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The Bastard At The Front

Home is no place to be on a Saturday night. So I donned a CK dress shirt, slipped on a crisp pair of jeans, and tied up a polished set of oxfords.

I sent out texts until one reeled in. Party at Simone’s place on the other side of town and I was already down three beers. Woulda waited five but the uber showed up in two.

Before I knew it, we were on our way.

I clipped in my seat belt and figured I’d make the most of the conversational warm up.

“Good night, mate?”

The uber driver glanced in the mirror and continued to drive.

“Uhh. . . Good night so far, mate? Customers been treating you well?”

Still no response. I figured the guy wasn’t the talkative type and would give him a one star once we were done with our trip shenanigans.

Instead, I took to surfing the web. We had an ETA of fifteen to Simone’s party. And while it wasn’t a terribly long stint, I wanted the time to pass as quickly as possible.

That was cut short when my signal dropped.

I glanced up and at the surroundings. It was dark out, with no street lights or sign of town. I didn’t remember it being this way last time I’d gone to Simone’s but figured the uber might’ve taken a detour.

“Excuse me, mate. How long until we arrive?”

Still nothing. Fella didn’t even glance back. He just kept driving on. With the help of the vehicle lights, it was clear that the road ahead lead out into the forest.

My heart pounded in my chest.

“Think you might have taken a bad turn. Yeah?”

He continued driving.

I swiped over to uber. Map didn’t load, neither did the driver details. It had all gone to custard along with the signal ten minutes ago.

“Mind pulling over. We’ve done a wrong turn,” I said, trying to hide the fear in my voice.

But he kept on, with no recognition that I existed.

I pushed on my seatbelt clip. It clicked but didn’t release.

“Hey, mate, there’s something wrong with my belt.”


I pulled forward, but the belt held its locked position pinning me firmly against the chair. I tried the window next, it didn’t budge. Tried the door, but the lock and handle didn’t work.

City was twenty minutes behind now.

“If this is a joke, you need to pull over and stop now. Dammit!”

Same old.

I worked at the belt with my teeth, kept going until my gums bled.

And the bastard at the front, he didn’t do a thing, he just kept driving.

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