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You Can’t Sleep

Think about this.

It is a normal night. You have worked hard and look forward to the weekend. You meet up with your family and relatives, expand your social circle, have a hearty dinner. Finally, you wish everyone a good night and tuck into bed.

You wake up.

It is still dark outside. Everyone in your house is asleep, and there is no noise of busy streets outside. Maybe you just woke up early, so you decide to try and sleep a bit more till the Sun appears again.

You wake up again. You can’t sleep.

It is still dark outside. Everyone in your house is still asleep, and the streets outside still seem to be fully empty.

You are puzzled on your inability to sleep. However, you feel energetic, so you get out of bed and sit on the couch with your coffee, ready to enjoy the holiday.

The night seems to go on and on, as if the Sun has completely vanished.

One hour. Two hours. Six hours.

There is still no sign of any morning light. EVERYONE IS STILL ASLEEP.

You are very, very confused. Why isn’t the Sun coming up? Why can’t I see a SINGLE living person who is awake? Am I insane? Such questions keep haunting you.


You have a panic attack and scream on the top of your lungs. No one wakes up. You are sure that they are not dead, since they all show signs of breathing. But whatever you do, no one wakes up. There is literally NOTHING you can do to wake them up.

Years pass. You decide to avoid suicide. You try to keep living a normal life, but the absence of a society to continue civilization makes it extremely hard. All the sleeping human bodies rot and decay on their beds as you pass your time. The absence of the Sun persists, leading to extremely cold temperatures, lack of food and oxygen. After nearly half a decade, the end of your life seems to be near. Or, at least, you hope so.

You enter your bedroom and lie down on your bed. Finally, your fate is to join the rest of humanity in an eternal sleep.

You finally close your eyes and smile, hoping to spend your last moments in a deep sleep, away from this neverending nightmare.

You wake up.

You can’t sleep.


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