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New research suggest that you know when you’re dead

“I know I shouldn’t bring up morbid subjects here,” I heard Andrew talk from behind small room, “but new research suggest that we actually know when we’re dead.”

Sarah sighed. “Yeah, and I agree that we should stop talking about that, especially since we have fresh bodies just came in, including Mark.”

Andrew laughed. “But this is interesting. You know what makes it more interesting? People usually experience those out-of-body phenomenon while in this state, right after the heart stop beating, when we pronounce the patient is dead.”

Sarah was listening uninterestedly while working. “Those were the experiences the patient tell, when the doctor successfully ‘restart’ the heart, either via CPR, defibs, or other methods,” Andrew continues. “I don’t know, maybe they experience some kind of hallucinations or something as their consciousness slip away, little by little. Is this the proof that there’s no afterlife?”

My mind almost couldn’t comprehend any single words Andrew uttered, as I felt so sleepy.

Sarah put down her equipment. “Alright then, by your theory, so these bodies still can hear what the living says around them? So, do you want to say something to Mark before I prep the body? He wasn’t just my boyfriend. He was your friend too, you know.”

“Oh of course, let me whisper to him in private,” Andrew giggled, and as I barely felt his warm breath on my cold, stiff neck, I heard him whispering to my ear, “Told ya I’ll win. I’m stealing Sarah. Bye.”

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