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2018 Thanksgiving Contest Winners!

Thanksgiving is now over. The Black Friday riots were quelled. Cyber Monday is in full swing. Consumerism at its best! The last few days of NaNoWriMo are winding down. I started a novel and quickly realized I had other pressing matters to attend. However, as I always say, I’ll come back to it.

With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re looking at the end of the year and the Christmas/Holidays Contest is coming up. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. We still need to celebrate the winners of our Thanksgiving 2018 Contest!

Congratulations to /u/pb1707, the winner of our contest with their story:

We All Have That Uncle

As stated in the original contest posting, /u/pb1707 will receive with the following:

  • $5 Amazon Digital Gift Card (Donated by yours truly and Commander-in-Creep, /u/Human_Gravy)

  • Customized SSS flair – We shall come up with something rad for you.

  • Their story narrated on the SSS YouTube Channel.

  • Free eBook copy of Horror d’Oeuvres – Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, the 1st ShortScaryStories Charity book project which has raised close to $850 for Scares That Care, an approved 501(c)(3) that fights the REAL MONSTERS of childhood illness, burns and breast cancer by helping families that are experiencing these extraordinary hardships cope with the financial burden.

  • A picture of an adorable baby animal in a Thanksgiving costume.

Here are the results of the Contest:

Story Title Author Placement Per Upvotes Placement Per Author
We All Have That Uncle /u/pb1707 1st Place 1st Place
Invasion /u/mcjunker 2nd Place 2nd Place
Turkey for Slaughter /u/He_Who_Must_B_Named 3rd Place 3rd Place
TV Dinner Special /u/GuyAwks 3rd Place 3rd Place
We Decorate After Dinner /u/Shinybug42 4th Place 4th Place
Blessed /u/cukatie2983 5th Place 5th Place

Congrats to all on their placements! Yes, there are two 3rd Place winners. The upvotes were too close to call for either author, so they both win, and the next story is considered 4th place.

I want to say thank you to everyone else who participated in the contest and read the stories. It is because of you this sub is fantastic! However, don’t get too comfortable! Christmas is coming! More opportunities for mayhem and mischief!

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