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A Krampus Poem

It was late December when I slipped in the house, where I found my victim sleeping with his stuffed toy mouse.

He had been very naughty this year you see and on this very night he is coming with me.

He had pulled Juli’s hair and broke his mother’s dishes, he had even called his grandparents a couple of old bitches.

He had been very rotten and spoiled no doubt, he is going to see what Krampus is all about.

With the moonlight in my eyes and the look of dread on his face, he jumped out of bed and I began to give chase.

He didn’t make it far before my hands on his neck did clasp, I whipped him and whipped him as he began to gasp,

“I’m sorry I was bad please stop this”, but I beat him some more because I was in pure bliss.

I threw him in my basket like an old rag doll, and made my way to the window as he began to bawl.

We rode in my sleigh til dawns early light, the boy had no idea he would be dinner tonight.

I will leave you with this my solum decree, you better be good or you will meet me.

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