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Author of the Month October and November 2018 Nomination Thread

Like previous contests, we’re going to take one week for nominations to pour in and another week for voting.

  • Since there were no AotM contests run for the majority of 2018, there will be no rules regarding participation within the contest months.

  • If you’ve submitted at least two stories to /r/ShortScaryStories within 2018, you are eligible.

  • Authors who have previously won the Author of the Month are eligible for nomination once again.

  • Authors CANNOT nominate themselves.

To nominate an author, all you need to do is submit their username in the comment section below. That’s it!

We’ll then have a Contest Mode thread where people can vote and the Top 2 upvoted authors will be choosen as the October and November Authors of the Month.

Both Author of the Month winners will receive the following:

Good luck to all nominees!

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