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I don’t like being Blind

I Don’t Like Being Blind.

My family members say, “It’s a gift, trust me, the world is cruel and harsh, you don’t want to see it”

Well Trust me its not a gift.

The experiences with this “Gift” have been terrible.

Here’s Just a List of Things I’ve never seen:

I have never seen Sunlight shine upon my face,

I have never seen the ocean, the waves or night life,

I have never seen my family members,

I have never seen how my girlfriend looks like,

I haven’t seen anything at all since the beginning.

I couldn’t see the people who threw stuff at me at school,

I couldn’t see my teacher mocking me in the class,

I couldn’t see the disappointment in my parents eyes,

I couldn’t see My girlfriend sleeping with someone else in my own house,

I couldn’t see the man who mugged me in broad daylight,

And I never saw the Truck coming towards at me at the speed of 60 km/h.

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