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The quick, sharp sting in my fingertip immediately started to throb. I could feel my heartbeat through the slight wound. What had gotten me? And why is the effect so pronounced? I can feel it moving up my arm now, my bicep starting to twitch.

“What the hell was that?” I ask, “Did you see anything?”

“What are you talking about” my wife asked. “Something jabbed my finger and now it feels like my blood is on fire” I reply, “Can you see anything on this finger?”

Examining my fingertip, she looks closer, lifting her glasses. She squeezes my phalange slightly, a single drop of blood welling out.

“It looks like you got a splinter, but that’s all I see.”

We had been in the garage for a couple hours, reorganizing and moving stuff around. Several times I thought I saw furtive movements but I just added that up to the terrible lighting. Fluorescent bulbs are notorious for strange shadows. I was picking up a tattered cardboard box when this had happened.

The heat in my blood was moving to my chest, making me uncomfortably warm. I could feel tightness in my chest, my breathing becoming harder, like I was in a room and the air was being removed. I do not feel right.

“Honey….”Was all I could say before I collapsed.

Suddenly I was unable to move my body. I heard her scream my name and rush to my side, rolling me onto my back. She was directly in my face yelling my name but I could not answer, paralyzed entirely. I couldn’t even move my eyes, frozen open in fear.

“Can you hear me?” She asked, “Can you feel me touching you? Breathe damn it! Someone call 911! Help me!”

I could do nothing. The edges of my vision began to darken. Unable to move a muscle, my worst fear realized. I was going to die, from healthy to dead in minutes.

Just gone….

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