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The House Listens

My house must be magic.

There’s no way to explain coming home and finding 2 months’ worth of rent on the kitchen table. No one knows of my recent predicament except for the landlady. She’s a kind person but not “hand waived 2 months’ worth of rent” kind. It was a shaky conclusion I reached but until proven otherwise I was sticking to it. I started to test if my apartment could fulfill other wishes.


Day 1. A Lamp

It was a simple test wish, came back home and found it on the table.


Day 2. Cake

Came back home and found Vanilla cake on table. Seems like the house knows my favorite preference


Day 3. Time Machine

I didn’t hold back. I needed to see how far this apartment could go for a wish. Came home and found nothing. Looks like science fiction is ruled out.


Day 4. 1 Million Dollars

Entered house, a bit hopeful, but saw nothing on the table. Looks like my apartment is not an omnipotent wish granting machine and has limits.


Day 5. My driver license

It went missing a few days ago. Was on the table.


And finally,

Day 6.

I wished for my brother to come back. He died two months ago. He had a weak heart. On our trip to the dentist I thought he fell asleep during the drive and only realising he left us after getting there. My parents don’t blame me for his death but I still beat myself up over it.

I was a bit afraid, the house could’ve pulled a monkey’s paw and just drop a dead body in my apartment. Reluctantly I entered home. There he was, lying on the couch. Recovering from shock I hastily checked his pulse. It was beating.

I collapse on the floor, thanked and thanked whatever created this miracle. I was going to have one hell of a time explaining to my parents how my brother came back but this was a problem I didn’t mind having.



You know, I like to consider myself a decent human being.

I try to live an honest life. I try to help support my parents by sending money home.

So why.

Why was this happen to me?

Staring at the rear view mirror while surrounded by multiple sounds of honks and beeps mix with profanities at me for halting traffic.

This has been a pretty fuck up week.

First my money for the rent goes missing, then a few days later both my driver’s license and the cake I bought goes missing as well.

And now I’m staring at an empty rear view mirror, where my brother’s reflection is supposed to be.

How was I supposed to explain to my parents that my younger brother just vanished into thin air?

What did I do to have this happen to me?

I lowered my head to the car wheel, adding my part to the cacophony.

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