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The Price Has Been Paid

I heard a strange noise coming from my roommate’s bedroom. The noise sounded similar to the noise you hear when a large tree snaps in half, but it was not as intense. I gathered myself and proceeded to see if he was ok.

I swung open the door quickly, since it makes less noise than when you slowly push it open. What I saw was so unimaginable, I actually rubbed my eyes and tried to refocus on what I was looking at.

My roommate’s bed had wrapped itself around him, seemingly crushing him, and contorting his body in such a way that he was no longer in one piece.

The bed began to move again, twisting and crushing itself further, making that god awful noise once more.

I head a creak in the floor boards behind me, It was my roommate’s girlfriend.

“huh”, she said, “I guess that book isn’t bullshit after all”.

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