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I Thought I Was Normal

I really believed so. I was very anxious then. Usually super powers manifest once the person turns 16. My 16th birthday had come and gone a month ago and nothing had happened. I was also disappointed – my friends were showing off their new found abilities and all I could do was put on a bright smile and give a thumbs up.

My mother can fly, my father can teleport and my brother can read minds. Me? I thought I was normal but thankfully, two months after I turned 16, my brother couldn’t read my mind. Was kind of relieved tbh.

A week later I was having my breakfast when my dad wasn’t able to teleport to work. He tried all he could, but was unsuccessful until I went upstairs to call my mom. We then realised that I had the power to neutralise powers of others around me.

To make it fair for everyone (those with powers and those without or had useless powers like the ability to see someone’s favourite cake above their head), the governments had mandated that superpowers will not be used unless it was absolutely necessary (yes, my dad was breaking the rules, but who will ever know?). Since powers weren’t used on a daily basis, probably my neutralising effect went mostly unnoticed.

However, my parents were still concerned and booked an appointment for me with a specialist in the neighbouring country. Midway during our flight, there was a breakdown which sent our plane hurtling down. One tried to ‘float’ the plane, another tried to control the weather. Yet another tried to teleport. All in vain.

My family sat in silence with terror wtched on their faces while the plane descended into chaos. Screams were heard from all sides. My parents looked at me with resignation, but I knew what to do.

I knew what I had to do.

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