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They said the serum would fix the evil within.

There is a constant battle between good and evil taking place inside every single one of us.

Like Stevenson’s Doctor Henry Jekyll, they sought to tip the balance of said struggle. They succeeded.

At first, the idea was laughed at. A serum that isolated malice, leaving only purity behind? Impossible. Yet, the tests proved all nay-sayers wrong.

Test subjects were easy to find, and after administering the drug to one, results were undeniable. Murderers turned docile, self-contained gentlemen; their bodies transforming alongside them, matching their new moral high ground. Once outlawed and disheveled, they were now beautiful members of an oh-so civilized world.

It was surreal to see it happen, a process so peculiar, so slow and painful.

And yet, crowds assembled after the word came out, and soon enough the gallows gave way to this new treatment.

Cleansing, as some would call it.

The novelty, however, soon became common desire.

If all who strayed from the path of good were granted the privilege of being reborn as angels, why should the rest live below them?

In an unseen, unprecedented move, violence grew, more than it ever had before. Untamed chaos.

More serum, produced faster and more intensely, was demanded. All for a purer world, they said.

And so, the path from crime to perfection became routine, with many clamoring for the procedure to become common practice.

Staring from my window at this new world, I realize how the cycle is never-ending. The search for beauty awakens the ugliness within, and those who suppress their inner beast find themselves unable to fight back.

And yet, what keeps me up at night are not the screams in the streets. It’s the silent whisper in the back of my mind, when I am alone with my thoughts. That subtle, slithering sound, urging me to give in and let it out, its demands growing louder and louder, impossible to muffle, impossible to ignore.

My Hyde is not gone. Never will be. He’s just biding his time, just like everyone else’s Hyde. They’ll be free, soon enough.

And with that realization, I am truly afraid.

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