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Dear Mr. Paolo

Dear Mr. Paolo,

I am writing to personally thank you for your cooperation in our recent transaction. I understand that you were negotiating from a stressful position and, while you were understandably reluctant in meeting our demands outright, I appreciate the level-headedness you displayed in the end. The package was retrieved from the specified location without any inconvenience. I am sure you will be relieved to know that my organization has already found several interested buyers across Southeast Asia. Selling and shipping is a lengthy and delicate process. It can take anywhere between four to six weeks for the package to arrive at its final destination, as transportation must be done by boat. Stowing conditions are shabby at best, with tens of these things cramped row on row in a storage container for the entire duration. There is potential for the package to be damaged or lost in the process, which could make the outcome of the sale less than favorable. Smaller packages, like the one you provided, have an increased risk of going missing. But assuming that everything goes as my organization has planned (things almost always do), your end of the deal will officially be satisfied upon the package’s acceptance, as will your debt.

It is not in me to preach, but you should strongly reconsider your gambling habits in the future. Addiction is an evil virus that will siphon all the joy from your life for a fleeting boost in dopamine. I have seen it be the ruin of many families, not just your own. Hundreds of men have come before us. On their knees, broken in ways that your circumstance does not compare. We were their last chance at escaping cement shoes. And when they failed us too, we had no choice but to reap from them what we could. After all, we have families of our own. Bills to pay, mouths to feed, so on, and so forth. While you may think the end of our dealings to be devastating, know that it could have been so much worse. Consider this a mercy. A lesson. A fresh start. Pray that we never meet again.

I am certain that your daughter will love her new home.



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