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You are hallucinating.

Did you know that you are hallucinating right now? It’s true, optic nerves in the eye pass in front of the retina. This causes a blind spot in the middle of your field of vision. The crazy thing is, your brain just makes up what it thinks should be there and you don’t notice.

There is a simple test below that you can do to show this.

+            •

Close your left eye and center your right eye in front of the + very close to your screen. Mobile users might need to use pen and paper.

Now move away from the screen and the • will disappear at the point your brain is lying to you. Keep moving back and it will reappear.

This is always true, but you never normally see it.

You are not in control of what your brain feeds you.

You are hallucinating right now.

This is a story about reality and the Femi paradox, have you heard of it?

Simply stated it asks; If the universe is eons old and teeming with stars, where is everyone?

Why do we even have to search for alien life, shouldn’t it be everywhere?

We didn’t have to search for life on earth.

Here is my answer. This place was made for us, we all live inside a cosmic video game.

Stupid right?

Well, you were the one who had to be told that you were hallucinating….

You are, hallucinating right now.

There is some good evidence for my answer.

The universe is made from a small collection of sub atomic building blocks, similar to a much more detailed Minecraft.

We have a maximum speed, a minimum temperature. We have finely turned universal constants and limits on how much we can know about our building blocks location and motion.

From a coding point of view, that is an awfully convenient set up.

You are, hallucinating right now.

In less than 100 years humans went from punch cards to supercomputers. From hand drawn animation, to being unable to detect video forgery by eye.

Today if you beat a computer at chess, it’s because it let you win.

It Let You Win.

Where will we be, what will we be able to do in 1,000 years? Just the blink of an eye cosmically speaking.

If we could build consciousness inside a machine, we would.

What if you are that consciousness, everything you think and feel nothing more than the product of code.

Your Loves, your Hates, your first kiss. Just code.

I am certain, reality is not what it seems.

You are, hallucinating. Right now.


A final thought to leave you with, say that I am wrong! Well then, there needs to be a different answer to the Fermi paradox.

Another reason, for why we seem to be utterly alone in the universe.

You are, hallucinating. Right. Now.

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