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My roommate Steve

Living with roommates can be tough, but when you dont have enough money to afford your own place, that is the way to go.

I live in a big house with 5 roommates, 4 of them have their separate rooms and I share my room with Steve. There wasn’t a single bed room left when I came to the house, so I decided to take the shared room. Soon, Steve moved in.

Steve is a great guy. We talk a lot, he’s great company and we get along great. He seems to know everything about me, and I of him. If I were gay, I could say that he’s my soulmate.

I never see Steve around the house much, he mostly hangs around the room. I don’t talk much with other roommates, just the usual chatter when we meet.

Steve’s been gone for several days now. I don’t know where he is, but I’m scared for him. He’s never been away for so long. I asked my other roommate the other day: ” Hey, do you know where’s Steve? ”. ” Steve? Who’s Steve? ” she asked, confused. ” You know, Steve, my roommate”, i told her, bewildered why she’s acting like she doesn’t know him. She looked at me funny and said: ” I dont know any Steve. As far as I know, you’re alone in your room because you talk a lot to yourself and nobody wants to move in with you”. I just laughed and went to bed.

I’m lying in my bed right now. The screaming outside my room has finally stopped. I don’t know whah happened before I woke up, I just know that I was dreaming that Steve was with me, in the kitchen, preparing a grand meal, with steak. He had this massive butchers knife, he was cutting the steak.

Steve was cutting the meat, not me. Don’t tell me, I’m reaponsible for the mess in the kitchen, Steve will clean it up. I like Steve, because he agrees with me, he will clean it up. Clean it up nice and clean.

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