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I Created An Elixir

April 10, 1988

Today, my dear grandfather passed away. This was the first time I saw death up close and it’s making me question life. Why is there death? Why does life stop the way it does when it does? Why can’t we just live on?

June 21, 1990

I’ve decided to research on immortality. I will take up STEM after high school. Don’t laugh.

Sept 13, 1998

I received my double PhD – I’m more determined than ever to unravel the key to immortality!

Feb 20, 2030

More than 3 decades of work but it feels like we’re still barely scratching the surface. The government has decided to fund my project.

July 18, 2036

We did it! Finally created an elixir that will extend the life of mammals! Ooooh, the things we could do with this! We need to test it further before I can say anything more.

Oct 2, 2038

Testing for the past couple of years have revealed that this elixir (we’re calling it Amruta) does impart immortality to mice. Trials on humans commenced last year and have given us promising results. Consumption of 100ml of Amruta will make the human immortal. It’s funny actually – the body continues to function even when deprived of food and water.

May 30, 2039

We can now boast of a long client list. Eminent personalities and celebrities round the world have consumed our Amruta. My aim now is to remove inequality and make it reach everyone in this world! No one should feel the pinch of loss of a loved one.

Dec 31, 2039

I’ve succeeded in bringing Amruta to everyone on this planet. Happy new year, my friend. Tomorrow will bring the dawn of a new era.

Jan 5, 2040

I don’t know how I could have been so blind! There was an accident on the highway today. And, um, the driver lost an arm. He was bleeding profusely, but um, continued to continue driving? We never tested for injury. We we – it never crossed any of our minds. What do we do?

Jan 12, 2040

Ok, this is getting out of hand – more and more people became reckless since they knew they couldn’t die. We’ve been getting reports of how people rimmed their vehicles into each other just to ‘test Amruta’. How some tried to hack their enemies to death. Now, even though someone is nearly headless, he um continues to live?

Jan 15, 2040

WHAT HAVE I DONE?? These people are everywhere, mindlessly walking about as if nothing has happened. Some don’t have eyes – I can see the bloody empty socket. They are just living on. And they have started pointing at me, blaming me for their misery.

Jan 28, 2040

I would’ve killed myself if I could. They are everywhere. I can’t even go out of my home now. I wanted to create an elixir for immortality. I ended up bringing on the zombie apocalypse. Forgive me.

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