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There’s a door that can only be seen in the mirror

“There’s a door that can only be seen in the mirror,” she told him.

He didn’t doubt a single word she said, he had married her long enough to know that she had always been more perceptive than others. Ever since they moved into this house, she had been drawn to the mirror, while not saying anything, he could see that she was visibly disturbed over its presence. When he told her that he was going to take it down, and sell it, she protested so protectively over it. He thought that it was good that her mystery was finally solved, and that she could finally have a good night sleep.

“Come, and lean into the mirror,” she asked. “Press your face against it, look into it from an angle, and tell me what you see.”

He followed the instructions given, and at first glance, saw the opened door of their bedroom.

“Have you found it?” He heard her asking, while at the same time saw her moving to stand before the bedroom door in the mirror. He turned back at her, to tell her that he was still looking for it, when he saw her standing before the blank wall, grinning.

“You’ve found it, haven’t you? If you look at the mirror from the front, you can see the bedroom room, but from the side, there is one more closed door at where I’m standing.”

Dumbfound, he returned to the mirror, and peered into it again. As she said, a door was there, and she was standing before an opened door. She looked so proud and happy, oblivious of the long white hands wrapping around her waist.

He shouted, “Move!”

She looked startled and confused over his reaction. Then the hands suddenly tightened around her, her face turned from surprise to fear, she could feel it, and knew what was happening. She held out one hand for help, just as the white hands retracted back into the room.

He screamed her name as he turned around to catch her, but all he could see was a wall, and all he could hear was the sound of the door slamming shut.

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