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The Official 250,000+ Subscribers Milestone Contest!

It was only April 2018, we hit the 200,000 Subscribers Milestone and May 2017, we’d just hit the 100,000 Milestone Mark. It was only a few days ago, we surpassed 250,000 subscribers so this means we’re having another contest!

Just some general observations before we begin.

As I’ve said before, with growth comes growing pains. Increased submissions usually mean more rule breakers and trolls. Increased comments also leads to more bickering, off-topic conversation, and to put it lightly, more “unhelpful critique” of the authors work in the form of “Yo, this sucks, bro!”

However, this subreddit continues to operate at a level of awesome which is astounding. Many thanks to the authors who continue to impress with their stories. Many thanks to the readers and lurkers who upvote and comment. Without them, both past and present, none of this would be possible.

Another aspect which is new and impressive about this community is the rise of the “Rules” stories. While these don’t exactly have a narrative element to them and admittedly, they’ve become a bit of a trend, it was nice to witness the birth of a new delivery method for scares and unsettling scenarios. I’m glad to see the community embraced this and I’d love to see some more experimentation and new ideas popping up.

Enough of my babbling!

Here are the contest rules!

The 250,000 Contest – All stories must include the number 250,0000. You can say it outright. It can be added up like the amount of dead children in a mass grave. Subtracted like the number of people left in the world after a deadly plague kills everyone. Divided like the number of pieces you can chop a person into. Or multiplied like how the zombie plague infects people. Or is that exponents? Whatever. Just include 250,000 into the story.

  • All entries must adhere to the subreddit rules. Entries not meeting the guidelines will be disqualified and removed. No re-submissions or edits to be re-approved allowed.

  • Multiple entries are allowed so long as you’ve waited the 24 Hour posting period.

  • Contest entries must be tagged with [The 250,000 Contest]. No tag. No qualify.

  • Previous contest winners and author of the month winners are allowed to participate and may select which flair to continue with should they win the contest. Or we can work it out. I’m open to suggestions!

  • Upvotes determine the winners.

  • If there are any ties or if Reddit’s vote fudging make determining a placement too tricky, authors will split the placement, and the next highest upvoted story will get the subsequent placement.

  • If a single author claims multiple Top 5 placements, the next highest upvoted story will be added to the winners circle among authors. We don’t want to punish good writers for placing multiple times, but we also don’t want to have an entire winners circle made up of the same person or people. Some contests in the past have had up to 7+ authors included in the winner’s circle due to ties and multiple placements.

Top Winner Prizes:

  • Customized flair – “The 250,000 Winner” or something similar. We’ll talk and come up with something cool.

  • Free eBook copy of Horror d’Oeuvres – Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, the 1st ShortScaryStories Charity book project which has raised close to $1000+ for Scares That Care, an approved 501(c)(3) that fights the REAL MONSTERS of childhood illness, burns and breast cancer by helping families that are experiencing these extraordinary hardships cope with the financial burden. Or if you already own this book, I can give you the sequel, It Came From the Snack Bar!

  • $5 Amazon Gift Card

  • A picture of an adorable baby animal

Contest starts as soon as you finish reading this and ends January 31st at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Questions? Comments? Congratulations? Leave it below!

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