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The Hole

There’s a hole in my bedroom ceiling, directly over my pillow. I don’t know how long it’s been there but I only saw it tonight. I noticed it because a sudden beam of light crept through the darkness and shined into my eyes. It freaked me out.

It was very late and I didn’t want to wake my dad so I grabbed a T-shirt and quietly plugged the hole. I laid awake for a few hours watching my shirt dangle above me before finally submitting to sleep.

Not long after, I was suddenly awoken… the T-Shirt had fallen onto my face. In my groggy state, I threw it onto the floor and tried to get back to sleep. Then my mind returned to me. I quickly turned my gaze onto a bone chilling sight. Through the hole, an eye was staring down at me. It was pressed so hard against the wood I thought it would burst though.

My screams scared it back into the darkness and soon after my father rushed into my room.

“Why are you yelling!?” He shouted.

“There’s a hole… up there. There was an eye looking at me!” I cried out.

“Calm down, there’s nothing up there.”

“But… can we go check-”

“Nice try boy. You know you can’t leave the basement.”

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