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All Alone

I woke up and I was all alone.

I ate my breakfast all alone. Took a shower all alone. Dried off all alone. Brushed my teeth and got dressed and took out the trash all alone.

I drove to my job to be surrounded by customers and coworkers, and I worked and took my breaks and logged my hours, and though I was not alone I felt alone.

I drove home all alone.

I read my science fiction novel in my living room chair with 80’s alternative rock blaring softly for white noise, and I was all alone. I cooked mac and cheese to eat all alone.

“It was a really, really good day,” I said to myself as I climbed into bed after a pleasant evening by myself. “A really, really, unbelievably good day.” I snuggled up in my blankets, warm and secure and all…

And just like that, my night was ruined. The air changed, turned hotter, turned rancid. The only sound in my apartment other than my breathing was soft mewling noises, like a kitty missing its mommy. The insistent mews started near the door and got a little closer every time.

Soon, the thing was yowling in my ear through my thick blankets. It didn’t sound like a kitty cat anymore. It didn’t sound like anything natural at all…

It had been nice, being all alone for a little while.

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