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I visited a Therapist today

There is a therapist in my town, who charges very little money for his sessions. People here don’t even hesitate to go to him when they are bothered by something, no matter how little. At the moment, even I, a regular high schooler, am on my way to get some help from him.

He holds these sessions at his own house. So, upon reaching his residence, I made my way to the porch and rang the bell. His wife opened the door.

“Is he busy?” I asked with a broken voice.

“No,” his wife replied. “Come and wait inside. I’ll go get him.”

Soon enough, I was seated a secluded room with the therapist. “So,” he began, “what’s on your mind?”

A long silence followed as I gathered my words. And I eventually spoke.

“I… Killed someone.”

I was looking down at the floor, so I didn’t see the reaction on his face. “Okay,” the calmness in his voice didn’t change. “Please continue.”

“I barely even knew her… Yet I told her to die, I told her the world would be better off without her. How could I have said those things without thinking? Perhaps it was because everybody hated her, so much so that expressing contempt for her became acceptable, it became the right reaction to have against her … It was only after she took her own life, I realized that I… I never knew the reason why everyone hated her. And yet I became the reason why she died. I don’t know what kind of punishment I deserve for this.”

The therapist was aware of the news about the young girl who had recently committed suicide in our town. “I see… Well, the punishment you deserve is what you’re already going through. The tremendous amount of guilt, a disturbed mind, and not to mention the painful path you’ve chosen to redeem yourself through.”

I frowned slightly. “What do you mean?”

“You will never forgive yourself if you’re going to shoulder all of the blame by yourself. Yes, you’re a reason for what happened to her. But you’re not the only reason. She didn’t make that terrible choice simply because you said what you said.”

My mind, as entangled with thoughts as it was, began to think about what the therapist said. “What should I do then?” “I’m sure you’ll figure that out yourself, now that you’ve realized you’re not the only one at fault,” he smiled.


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