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The Creepy Office Manager

About a month ago I had an odd interaction with a manager at my work. Up to this point, I forgot that it happened. It didn’t seem like a huge deal. So, I forgot about it. Well, let’s just say I forgot about it up until a couple days ago.

Anyway, a month back it was a typical Wednesday and I was hustling to get my work done so I could go home. It was 5:05pm and people were starting to leave the office. Unfortunately, I was still busy and realized I probably needed another hour to finish up.

Finally, I was about 20 minutes away from finishing up when an office manager Bob came over to me to ask if I was ok locking up the office. I said yes.

Bob left and I went back to my computer screen. I was alone in the office. 20 minutes passed since Bob left, and I was finally done. I looked at the clock and it was 6:25pm.

I got up from my chair and was about to turn away from my desk when suddenly, I felt an odd presence behind me. I turned around only to see that….it was Bob standing behind me about 10 feet away. Bob was just standing there staring at me. His shoulders were hunched over and looked as if someone just sucked the life out of him. His facial expression was lifeless. I was startled but tried to calm myself down. I asked Bob if he wanted to walk out with me.

I was waiting for a response from him, but Bob gave no response and simply turned and walked away from me. Yeah, this isn’t how Bob normally acts. Pretty weird right?

Until recently, I forgot about this encounter because other weird things started to happen. For one thing my co-worker Michelle was telling me two weeks ago that her friend had some creep break into her home while she was inside late at night.

Another co-worker said the same thing happened to someone she knew. Then I heard from my friend Vick a few days ago. He said some man got into his neighbor’s house. It’s been reported on the news.

Just yesterday at work, my co-worker Michelle seemed distraught so I consoled her.

She ended up telling me that she was working late yesterday evening and thought she was the last person in the office. That is until she turned around and Bob was just standing there staring at her.

This is when it all came back to me. That day when Bob was standing behind me and I turn and see that blank expressionless face just staring at me. So yeah, I told Michelle about it. She’s freaking out!

Bob showed up to work yesterday acting completely normal. He is usually a very friendly person. Ugh I am really not sure what to do. Did I mention that the description of the person from the news report…well…it sort of resembles Bob.

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